Belgian PhD students pitching their research

Taught my "Pitch Perfect" workshop at the Let's Talk Science Festival on July 2-3, 2024. PhD students from Belgian universities learned to craft effective research pitches. The online session received great feedback for its clarity and utility. Excited for future sessions!

Belgian PhD students pitching their research
Photo by Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

On 2 and 3 July 2024, I had the privilege of teaching my popular workshop "Pitch Perfect", where PhD students from Belgian universities learned to craft an effective elevator pitch about their research in just a few hours. This workshop was part of the annual Let's Talk Science Festival.

I offer this workshop in both a physical three-hour format and a two-hour online format. For this occasion, I taught the online version in both English and Dutch. The feedback from the students was immensely positive and validating. They felt that the workshop helped them distill their research into its essentials and create a pitch that truly grabs the attention of their target audience:

"All the given information was really clear and helpful in creating a pitch. Also, it is really great that the teacher showed us an example of a pitch. In the end, we got time to create our own pitch and we received feedback on how to improve it, which is also a big advantage of this workshop."
"Good structure of the workshop. The short practice moments and feedback are very useful and you learn a lot."
"Very clear, accessible, tailored and informative. I recommend this workshop."
"Very concrete tips for getting started with a pitch, even for people without experience. I did not expect to achieve so much in such a short time. The fact that all other pitches were also good shows that the lesson content is reaching its audience."

Thank you to everyone who participated for their enthusiasm and hard work!