Pitch Perfect

Create an elevator pitch with ease!

Explaining your work (bachelor, master or PhD thesis, or project work) to non-experts can be a rewarding experience, especially when you can engage an audience with your research. That is, if you’ve mastered the skills of selecting the information that is most relevant to your audience and telling them a story.

But how do you sift through the mountain of information you hold in your head about your work, and identify the essential nuggets for a specific audience? How do you transform ‘dry’ facts into a story? And how do you make a lasting impression on your audience when they can only spare five minutes of their time to listen to you?

Preparation: During this workshop you will work on your own pitch. So think about a topic that you want to practise with. It can be your bachelor or master project, or it can be a hobby. As long as you have enough background knowledge about the topic and are passionate about it!

Upon completing this workshop

  • you can create a good elevator pitch using the Message Box
  • you know how to tell a story with the ABT method
  • you know a few key principles of effective science communication
  • you will be familiar with tools that help you avoid jargon