About FrankNu

FrankNu Science Communication

Workshops and coaching for scientists who want to be more effective in their public communication skills

Hi, I am Frank. I would like to help you communicate your expertise in science and technology by offering training, workshops and coaching.

My Story

After completing my biology studies at Leiden University, I aspired to a career as a scientist and did evolutionary morphological research in the context of PhD research. I learned to love science and its methods and techniques. But I decided not to complete my thesis, because my passion turned out to be communicating science.

I combine a general expertise in (online) science communication with a sharp science journalistic eye and I have more than 25 years of experience in making communication solutions effective and innovative. I am a certified executive communication professional, the highest professional level recognised by the Dutch organization for communication professionals Logeion.

With my company FrankNu Kenniscommunicatie (FrankNu Science Communication), I offer training courses, workshops and coaching to help scientists, lecturers, sci-tech startups and students communicate about their work.

My values

  • Knowledge is the greatest asset. Knowledge is the greatest asset we have to share in a developed society. Knowledge is also an important means for underdeveloped societies to move forward.
  • Critical thinking. It is not only the scientific facts that an informed citizen wants to take note of. It is especially important to convey the process of science, validation and critical thinking through science communication.
  • You can do it. Any scientist, lecturer, student or business owner can become a good science communicator. You don’t need any special talents, you don’t have to be outgoing. All you need is a goal, the knowledge of your subject and the will to transfer that knowledge. I am happy to guide and help you on your path!


If you have any questions, you can contact me: