Getting Started with Science Communication

Learn the foundations and get up and running with science communication with ease!

Being excellent at scientific research is an important requirement for a successful career in science. But it is no longer enough for a flourishing career. Other competencies are necessary, like good communication skills and being able to connect your knowledge to external (collaborative) partners.

In this lecture you will learn the basics of science communication, from the theory to constructing solutions for specific science communication problems. It will inspire you to not only use tried-and-true methods of science communication, but also get creative!

After this lecture

  • you know what science communication is and what it can be used for
  • you know the different models for interacting with a target audience
  • you will be able to apply basic (science) communication theory to solve a science communication problem
  • you will know what kind of tools you can apply to accomplish a science communication goal
  • you will be familiar with ways to make your science communication projects more effective and creative