FrankNu empowers scientists, students and scitech startups to communicate their expertise by offering training, advice and coaching

Workshops & lectures

FrankNu provides various training courses, workshops and (guest) lectures, such as popular writing, giving an oral pitch, writing press releases, dealing with the media, the basics of science communication and marketing yourself as an early-career scientist.


FrankNu advises on how best to achieve your communication goal(s). Get in touch for a one-on-one conversation or a brainstorming session. We will discuss the results face-to-face and they are recorded in an action-oriented communication plan.


Do you have a specific challenge ahead of you? An important presentation at a conference, an interview with the press, an opinion piece that you would like to submit to a newspaper, increase your visibility when applying for a scholarship or a job? FrankNu is happy to help you.

From the FrankNu Blog

Good communication starts with listening

Good communication starts with listening

What I have come to think differently about, the website Beste ID asked me and 76 other scientists, administrators, philosophers, journalists and other thinkers. That is that good communication is above all about listening. And thus that some scientists are at least partly responsible for the growing gap between science and the practically educated in society.

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“If you can talk, you can communicate”

“If you can talk, you can communicate”

Members of the association SciComNL have expressed what they consider important for the National Centre for Science Communication that is to be established. Especially knowledge development and knowledge sharing are, in my opinion, essential functions of such a body.

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Politics and media: focus on content

Politics and media: focus on content

It is to be hoped that the freshly appointed ministers and state secretaries in the Netherlands are less concerned with image than with the content of their work. But I hope that the media will also take responsibility in this process.

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Why FrankNu?

Frank Nuijens combines a general expertise in (online) communication about science and technology with a sharp (science) journalistic eye, a solid background in communication science and the motivation to make communication solutions innovative. I have over 25 years of experience in (science) communication as a communications manager, editor-in-chief, science journalist, lecturer and researcher.

The challenge

Whether you work at a university, college or knowledge institute, researchers are expected to share the results of their work not only with their colleagues, but also with the general public, industry and politicians. For a scientific career to flourish, it is no longer enough just to do excellent research, the researcher must make him-/herself a brand.

There is a lot to consider when starting a business in the science and technology sector: developing the product, looking for new customers and finding financing sources. All these tasks involve communication and marketing, which a small company can often use help with.

Museums, libraries and knowledge institutes often need support in communication and marketing around projects. For example when reaching potential visitors, or for fresh ideas to communicate about their product or project to a wide audience or a specific target group.

The solution

FrankNu has been working with scientists and engineers for more than 25 years and knows their world and challenges like no other. I have gained extensive experience in advising and training researchers in effectively translating and communicating their research to the general public, industry and politics. From my experience as a science journalist, editor-in-chief and communications manager, I know how to translate complex subjects to a wide or specific audience and to do so with the right message and strategy.

FrankNu has a passion for and expertise in transferring knowledge to and seeking interaction with the desired target group(s). Collaboration is often the key to a powerful story.

FrankNu helps (starting and experienced) academics, lecturers and entrepreneurs in the science and technology sector with advice, training and coaching.

The tools of FrankNu

FrankNu has four core tools available for every communication solution: storytelling, connecting, innovating and imagining.


Storytelling is a common term in the communication world. And not without reason: storytelling is an excellent way to get a message across to different target groups. What if, for example, the Curiosity rover on Mars had kept a diary?


Some of the best ideas arise in collaborations, especially when they are multidisciplinary. Collaborations with partners or with the target audience. A brainstorming session with different stakeholders, each with their own perspective, can give a project new impetus.


The most frequently heard request to the communication professional is: make a press release, flyer and website. Sometimes that is sufficient, but often a more innovative mix of communication tools works better. As Frankwatching puts it: “Make sure that with your content you get the right story in the right form at the right time through the right channel to the right person.”


Text is powerful, but an image is often more powerful. Express your message with a photo, a video blog (vlog), an infographic or even a dance! In the words of Albert Einstein: “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”