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Frank Nuijens has a passion for and expertise in transferring knowledge to and seeking interaction with desired target audiences. For example, for researchers, lecturers, startups, museums, libraries and other knowledge-based organizations. FrankNu Knowledge Communication helps with communication and marketing issues of your (knowledge) organization. That can be project-oriented or in general with advice, training and communication tools. Frank is also available as interim team manager, project manager or adviser.

Who is FrankNu?

Frank Nuijens has 24 years of experience in knowledge communication and journalism as a communication consultant, editor(-in-chief), science journalist, teacher and researcher.

“You notice that you, as a science and technology communication advisor, have a strategic place in an organization. Finding support with other institutions and companies is very important. You can not arrive with empty promises. It is a matter of substantive knowledge that you need to convey with all kinds of goals in an effective way.”



Storytelling is a common term in communication. And not without reason: telling stories is an excellent way to get a message across to different audiences. What if, for example, the Curiosity rover on Mars had kept a diary?


Some of the best ideas arise in collaborations, especially when they are multidisciplinary. Collaborations with partners or with the target group. A brainstorming session with different stakeholders, each with their own view, can give a new project a fresh outlook.


The most widely heard request to the communication professional is: make a press release, flyer and website. Sometimes this is enough, but an innovative mix of communication tools often works better. As Frankwatching says, “make sure you get the right story with the right content in the right form at the right time with the right person.”


Text is powerful, but an image is often more powerful. Convey your message with a photo, a video blog (vlog), an infographic or even a dance!


FrankNu advises on how to best achieve your marketing and communication goals. That can be in a one-on-one conversation, a guided brainstorm session or after extensive research. The results are discussed orally and are recorded in a compact or comprehensive communication and/or marketing plan.


Do you know what to do to achieve your goal(s), but do you lack the knowledge or skills, or do you want to sharpen them? FrankNu provides training, workshops, inspirational sessions and (guest) lectures. In diverse subjects, such as pitching to and dealing with the press, using social media, cross-media communication, (editorial) leadership, science communication and science journalism.


Would you like a press release, flyer, website, infographic, short video, visual material for Twitter, a catchy background banner for LinkedIn or something else? Then you are at the right place at FrankNu. I can help you with a single communication tool, or develop a whole range of resources for you or arrange everything on your behalf.

Who does FrankNu work for? Some examples.


Whether they work at a university, college or knowledge institute, researchers are expected to share the results of their work not only with their colleagues but also with the general public, businesses and politics. To have a blossoming scientific career it is no longer sufficient to do excellent research alone, researchers have to “brand” themselves.

FrankNu has been working with scientists for 24 years and knows their world and challenges like no other. As a communications consultant at TU Delft, I gained extensive experience in advising and training researchers in effectively translating and communicating their research to the public, businesses and politics. From my experience as a science journalist and editor-in-chief, I know how to translate complex subjects to a wide audience and to find the best news value.

Knowledge institutes

Museums, libraries and knowledge institutes often need support in communication and marketing around projects. For example, to reach potential visitors, or for fresh ideas to communicate about their product or project to a wide or specific audience.

FrankNu has a passion for and expertise in transferring knowledge to and seeking interaction with the desired target audiences. Collaboration is often the key to a powerful story, such as the “Goeie Mie-ting” that we organized together with ScienceOnline Leiden during the Night of Arts and Knowledge 2015. Scientists and artists depicted various aspects of the story about the nineteenth century Leiden serial killer Good Mie. Furthermore, I am a volunteer at the Salt Museum in Delden, where I am the board member responsible for PR and marketing.


When starting a business, there is a lot to consider: developing the product, searching for new customers and finding funding. In all these endeavors, communication and marketing has an important role. Something a small company often needs assistance with.

FrankNu helps (starting) entrepreneurs with advice, training and communication tools. For example, the technology company Fiberneering from Zwolle, which has developed a technology to print composites in 3D: FRP3D. I helped this startup with a compact strategic communication plan and the creation of and guidance with some communication tools, such as a press release, one-pager and initiation and mediation in creating an animation film about the FRP3D process.

Frank has science communication in his blood and is constantly looking for new ways to connect science to bigger and/or smaller audiences. Frank has a broad interest, is positively critical and is a wonderful person to work with.

Evelyne Esveld

Head of Corporate Communication, Delft University of Technology

Of course, Frank is creative, knows all the latest gadgets, follows trends and always comes up with new and special ways to connect knowledge to people. But what makes him really special is that he is an extraordinary listener who really helps and guides you!

Annette ter Haar

Museum innovator, TechnoLab

Frank is a news-sensitive science communication adviser, a quick thinker and switcher, and thus an innovation force in the science communication domain. As a teacher, he currently works on a thorough review of the science journalism course for our Delft Science Communication master. Frank does this from his broad knowledge and experience, but especially from openness to new views on journalism specifically and science communication in general. Nationally and internationally. I like to work with Frank and I’m glad he is connected to our group. We and the students, but undoubtedly also his clients, really benefit from it. Frank has a profound hate of empty promises. Frank is a great resource!

Maarten van der Sanden

Associate Professor of Science Communication, Delft University of Technology

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