Staying up to date as a science communicator

Geschreven door Frank Nuijens

11 augustus 2021

How do you stay up to date on the latest news and insights in the field of science communication? This list gives you a head-start.


World conferences

Dutch conferences

  • The yearly Vakconferentie WTC brings together science communicators, scientists and communication scientists to share theory and practise.
  • SciCom NL is the branch organization for science communication professionals. They have regular activities.


Academic journals




I curate the Twitter account SciComm News & Views, where you can find interesting links to content about science communication #scicomm, science journalism, open access #openaccess, science policy, (social) sciences and humanities, and academia and academic life in general.

Missing something on this list? Please let me know!

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Good communication starts with listening

Good communication starts with listening

What I have come to think differently about, the website Beste ID asked me and 76 other scientists, administrators, philosophers, journalists and other thinkers. That is that good communication is above all about listening. And thus that some scientists are at least partly responsible for the growing gap between science and the practically educated in society.

“If you can talk, you can communicate”

“If you can talk, you can communicate”

Members of the association SciComNL have expressed what they consider important for the National Centre for Science Communication that is to be established. Especially knowledge development and knowledge sharing are, in my opinion, essential functions of such a body.

Politics and media: focus on content

Politics and media: focus on content

It is to be hoped that the freshly appointed ministers and state secretaries in the Netherlands are less concerned with image than with the content of their work. But I hope that the media will also take responsibility in this process.