Staying up to date as a science communicator

Written by Frank Nuijens

10 March 2015

How do you stay up to date on the latest news and insights in the field of science communication? This list gives you a head-start.

World conferences

Dutch conferences




Kirk Englehardt curates some good lists of science communicators and journalists to follow.

Missing something on this list? Please let me know!

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Science Communication – an introduction

Science Communication – an introduction

The new academic textbook Science Communication, an introduction, is an excellent study guide for both students and professionals in the field of science communication. One of the reasons I’m particularly excited about its release is that it contains a chapter on Science Journalism that Mark Bos and I wrote, which gives a high-level overview of the field and the challenges it is facing.

1.0 plus 2.0 is 3.0

1.0 plus 2.0 is 3.0

What can you do tomorrow to bring the future generation into contact with the science of today?

ScienceOnline starts in Leiden

ScienceOnline starts in Leiden

Every year in the United States, the popular ScienceOnline conference is held for anyone who communicates about science and uses new and social media to do so. Frank Nuijens, editor-in-chief at TU Delft and science journalist, went there for the first time in February 2013 and was so enthusiastic that he took the initiative for a ScienceOnline Leiden community. He explains why.